Bardi - the epic battle!

Bardi - the epic battle!

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Far far away in the mountains where there was peace and quiet, once there was a Viking. Cut off from all of the world he lived his lonely life tending sheep and throwing axes.
On one boring and unremarkable day his village was attacked by the legion of the Romans!
Hungry and angry soldiers tried to catch all the sheep and destroy his village. At that moment he realized his calling was to protect the village because no one else could. And the name of this brave viking is Bardi!

Show the world what you are capable of, fulfill your duty!
Throw axes, call for backup, invoke the wrath of the gods and unleash all your fury on the enemy! Prove to the whole Legion that one man can change the world! If he is a real Viking who never gives up! Get to the very end, save your village!

Play and win, fight the Romans, earn points, save the sheep, and compete with your friends. Be the first, show how accurate and persistent one can be. But be CAREFUL, you can attack the bosses, they are strong and dangerous, so you will have to demonstrate the acumen and firing accuracy to destroy them.

of the game:

The game was developed with love in a hardworking mode - to give players pleasure and show a possible way to spend spare time having fun.
The game has a long storyline, lots of enemies, lots of missions, various magic and much more interesting things. Use your abilities, cast spells and incinerate the enemy!
Get bonuses for completed missions. But remember! You have to save your sheep.