Mossy Forest Live Wallpaper

Mossy Forest Live Wallpaper

3D Live Wallpapers Collection
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Options Includes

- Sun Rays
- Foreground
- Falling Leaves
- Fireflies
- 2 Types of Touch Follow Colorful Fireflies
- Parallax Effect
- Scroll Screen


Very Bright and Colorful Animated Colorful Fireflies Night Forest will bring alive your phone and tablet screen and fill it with stunning vivid colors.

An amazing night forest nature 2.5D parallax live Wallpaper on Google Play for your phone or tablet!
Fully 3D parallax night forest scene will provide you great mood and keep you calm during a day. Realistic vegetation, colorful bright moon, tree's and colorful landscape, flying fireflies and amazing alive lighting give this night forest parallax wallpaper very realistic and colorful look.

Set the app as live wallpaper to make your android phone and tablet more beautiful.

Double Tap Available to Open Options Menu


More Options Will Be Added In Upcoming Version.
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