Iron League
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Prepare for 3 vs 3 team combat in mass battlefields!

Feel the rush of non-stop MOBA action.
Team fights and quick matches that take only 10 minutes!
Join the League Now!

Iron league is in software launch.

1. Worldwide 3 vs 3 zone-mode battles.
- Iron league is a MOBA mobile game. Team up with friends, strangers and go against international players from all around the world.

2. Quick and intense plays.
- Match length of only 10 minutes for short exciting team fights.

3. Variety of maps and over 30 heroes.
More than 30 heroes with their own personality and diverse maps.

4. Simple Control with easy maneuver.
Smart-target for clean auto targeting for everyone.
Safe environment for friendly Iron league

5. Game focus on team battle
Iron league focus on team battle compared to other games.

6. All kind of game mode.
Rank, quick match, and etc a fun list of game mode.
Challenge yourself to the top rank. The path to becoming the First Ironside.



Surpport : 82-2-6080-0974